Friday, 21 October 2011

As I have lost my mojo...and a harvest service.

On Wednesday we went to see our granddaughter in her harvest service.Emily is second from the right before it started.The rest of my photos were rubbish.They did the Tale of the Turnip and she was one of the narrators and did very well.We could hear her clearly and she was word perfect.The rest of the school provided music and songs.Lovely.

Here is Ruby waiting for it to start with her other granny.She was very good.

As I have lost my mojo at the moment and can't seem to build up any enthisiasm for a craft project,I have been "playing".I made this crochet bowl(thank you Bunny Mummy for the pattern).It took less than an hour and would look nice with some sweets in.

Then I made some brooches,experimenting with various thicknesses of wool.

I then went on to do some braiding,firstly with one strand and then

and then with three.It is so easy to do but what do you use the braids for!! Suggestions welcomed.

It has been a testing week.Literally.Eyes on Wednesday.Ears today.I passed both and can still buy reading glasses off the shelf and cheaply.My close and distant vision are good.Flu jab today.I hope there are no side effects as tonight C and I are doing a quiz.It is a new group that has started(U3A) and we volunteered to do the second one.It is really difficult pitching the level.Will it be too easy or too hard?

p.s.On the subject,again,on bags.I am more than happy to get rid of plastic bags especially in supermarkets but where you are buying,say,gifts,could we not have recyclable paper ones?


  1. One day I will sit in an audience and watch Harvest, or Christmas and I won't be stressed. It will be a lovely family experience like yours!!!!!
    We should be going up to the Scottish highlands at the weekend, nur I have a tooth that's playing up! ouch!!!!
    Have a good week;

  2. I agree about the paper bags - sometimes they would be a better alternative anyway! I have a couple of bags that fit in my hand bag - one is an 'onya bag' which folds into a small pouch. I always use my bigger bags at the supermarket. Love the crochet you have been doing this week very pretty, you could use the braids as friendship bracelets for the kids or handles for bags (or drawstrigs for bags) they can be sewn together as coil pots or coasters as well. The narrow one could also be a glasses cord if you put those ends on it! If you crochet little pouch bags the cords will go nicely with them as well. Is that enough suggestions for today? Sxx

    Ps love the harvest festival and the little stories the children do, so lovely!

  3. You don't look like you've lost your mojo to me, just found it in different things! The braids look lovely if you make them quite short the girls could use/give them as friendship bracelets. They are especially lovely if done in cross stitch threads as the colours are beautiful ...... you could add beads too .... :)

  4. How could a 6 year old girl who understands plate tectonics, electric circuits and who knows what else, not be word perfect, and as far as I hear her little sister is always very good as well

  5. Love the brooches, I love making them too!

    The braids could be great bracelets as Sugar Hippos says, or made into key fobs?