Saturday, 29 October 2011

Which do I choose?

We are going to a party in a couple of weeks time and I want to take a gift.I have recently knitted these two items and eventually got round to blocking them.(I hate blocking!!).Do I give my friend the shawl which she might think has "old lady connotations" or the scarf.Us knitters know differently and I often wear mine with the point at the front.

They are both knitted in Rowan Fine Lace.80%alpaca,20% merino.It is a lovely soft yarn and very pleasant to knit with.I am lucky that Stash Fine Yarns is not far from here so I can actually go and see the yarns and see the exact colour.

I have beaded the fringing on the scarf.It pretties it up and adds some weight.

We have had a visit to Quarry Bank Mill(NT) this week.We met Sarah and the girls there on Tuesday.We arrived at 11.a.m as it opened and only left at 4.30p.m.A really good day out.There were Hallowe'en crafts and trails and spooky things round the ground but the bit Emily liked best was the Apprentices House,trying out the beds,going in the kitchen etc.Wednesday they came over to us and did some pot painting with Grandpa.We took them to Ruthin to see the dog exhibition(posted about previously) so a bit of culture to add to the history.

We went to the theatre last night to see George Orwell's Animal Farm done in the form of a musical.It was OK but not brilliant.


  1. They are both beautiful but I really LOVE that scarf. You have done a beautiful job with them.
    Sounds like you had a good day!!!

  2. There`s nothing old lady about either of them - I love the shawl and I`m not quite an old lady yet...almost. Your work is absolutely exquisite. Enjoy the party!

  3. It is funny my MIL said the same thing about shawls - personally I love them and there are a few ways to wear them but I would play safe with the scarf if you want it to be worn. I love the one you did for me and wear it loads. They are both lovely and your friend will be very lucky whichever you decide. Sx

  4. I came over to reply to your comment on highlighting my hair.
    Oh dear green hair is not a good look eh!!! That would certainly put you of colouring it lol.
    You are lucky your hair is thick. Mine is not, it's very fine.
    I think I will just run with it and see what happens.

  5. Oh my goodness! You are amazing! Look at those two works of art! How long have you been knitting for? Maybe you should bring the two with you and ask your friend to choose? It would be so much fun to see her dithering over the two! Whatever you do please let us know which beauty you decided on.

    Best wishes,


    ps How did you go about learning to tackle lace patterns like that?