Thursday, 20 October 2011

A bargain!

A couple of months ago we lost our copy of Delia.How you lose a book of that size is a mystery.All we can think of is that it got put on the pile of Sunday papers followed by Monday and went in the recycling bag.Now ,C needs this book to make his perfect Yorkshire puddings( he is also renowned for his roast potatoes!).Look what I found in a charity shop yesterday and it's illustrated.All for £2.
The lady behind the counter asked if I wanted a bag.Now for most of you this would seem quite normal but not now here in Wales.Since october 1st you have to pay for bags in shops.All shops,garden centres etc.The lady in the charity shop had written to the Welsh Assembly to ask could she recycle bags and they said yes.It does take some getting used to always having a bag with you.The other day I went to a garden centre to buy some birthday gifts for a friend,candles ,soap etc.No bag unless I paid.

The rule about not providing plastic bags in supermarkets has been in operation in France for a while.

P.S. C also makes a very good crumble but that recipe comes from the Ladybird Cookery Book!!


  1. That was a lucky find in the charity shop. I love yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.
    When I do some grocery shopping in Marks and Spencer (they charge for carrier bags as well) I inevitably forget to take a bag with me - most annoying.

  2. I almost always forget to take a bag - it's difficult to change a mindset but plastic bags are a landfill disaster. Lots of shops around here do charge and as the comment above - M and S do charge. I did buy one of their fold away bags but even that has disappeared somewhee - maybe it's with your Delia cookbook!

  3. I never remember to take a bag to M&S either ... it drives me mad!!!
    I love the idea of a husband doing the cooking - it doesn't happen in the P.P. household!

  4. Wish they would ban plastic bags here - far too many are given out. I have had that Delia book since I was a teenager and it`s still great to go back to.

  5. What a bargain! I think it is a good idea to cut down on plastic bags and try to carry a little fold-up bag in my handbag just in case I need one as we keep the big hessian bags in the car for when we do a weekly shop:)