Sunday, 18 March 2012

Last Friday our daughter was 40.She just wanted a family get together and not a party.We met up on Friday evening at the Golden Lion pub/hotel in Easenhall near Coventry.What a brilliant venue.The pub was lovely.We had a meal,all 11 of us which was superb.We had an area at the end of the main pub rooms,all to ourselves.They had decoarated the table and could not have been more accomodating.The rooms were great.The two families had two bedrooms each but through a closed door from the corridor.We had our meal and then Ella went to our room and listened out for the the other four grandchildren.We stayed and had a few(!!!) drinks in the bar and we laughed and laughed which isn't good when you have a cracked rib!A great evening was had by all.

Saturday ,after a huge breakfast,we went to Warwick Castle.We were a bit disappointed that it seemed to be run more as a theme park than as an historic venue.You had to pay extra to go in the Merlin Tower,£3.60 each even for the children.The Princess Tower was free and the girls loved that.
There was a birds of prey display.This was a sea eagle(?).
Our son with four of our five grandchildren.Maps being consulted.
Finlay having a go at archery.He was actually very impressive and hit the target every time.
One last photo of the birthday girl.This was an ordeal for the waitress who it turned out was frightened of fireworks and suchlike!
This has been a superb,brilliant weekend.I love having all the family together.We started off as two and now we are 11.


  1. Looks like you all had a fantastic time, (as always)

    I empathise with the rib, its agony and it took ages for mine to recover

  2. What a lovely time! thanks for giving us a peep of it.

    I agree with you not liking historical places that have become more like theme parks. Of course they will change over time, and you can't expect them to be like they were 500 years ago but it takes all the texture out of them to be part of an entertainment group.

  3. "We started off as two and now we are 11" that is one of the most beautiful statements I've read, such a happy thought