Wednesday, 21 March 2012

new project for charity

I have knitted /crocheted so many pairs of socks,shawls,scarves etc.My granddaughters don't need anything at the moment but I need to be doing something while I watch TV.I just can't watch,my hands have to be busy.I have lots of wool but decided to treat myself to some new colours-see above.What I am going to make are some small baby blankets for use with car seats.I am either going to sell them myself or donate them or any money I make to a particular charity.
This is the first one I made and the one below is a WIP.
I am going to go for different colour combinations and not the usual pastels.Saying all this we were out on Monday night at the film theatre to see "Woman in Black",we have Wine Appreciation tomorrow night and Friday evening we are at the theatre to see "A Doll's House" by Ibsen.Not much crochet/TV time there!!


  1. You really are a busy busy busybusybeejay and I love your idea for car seat blankets - particularly ideal for parents taking their new born child home for the first time - a nice gift from the hospital.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit. I've just had a fine time taking a look at your recent posts.

    I hope that your ribs weren't really badly injured and that you are feeling better now.

    Thank you for that glimpse of the Hockney show. I've been a fan for a long, long time, first because of his drawings and etchings. Some of his large return-to-Yorkshire paintings were on exhibit over here in New York a year or so ago, but I imagine that this London show must be amazing.

    I look forward to visiting here again.

  3. Sorry I am here really! I love your car seat blanket idea, does your local maternity ward have a stall you could sell them on? I think our local hospital has one just at the entrance to the ward.

    Hope your ribs are feeling better soon, Sxx

  4. What a good idea to make the baby blankets for charity - you are indeed very busy. When I read 'The Woman in Black' a few years ago now it scared me quite a bit I wonder what the film will be like?:)

  5. A lovely idea.

    Hope you enjoy the film it's supposed to be quite scary!!! Take one of your blankets to hide under!

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur x

  6. What a wonderful idea these blankets will go down a treat I'm sure.
    My daughter went to see that film and found it very scary!!
    Hope your ribs are all healed now.
    Have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines for you :))

  7. I'm the same, if I sit watching tv without anything to do I end up raiding the fridge! I love your wavy blue blanket, these look fun to make. I hope your feeling better and your rib isn't causing too much pain. :)
    Jess x

    1. No - I think you might get odd looks if you took the knitting to the theatre! It is lovely work though, and so bright and cheery. xC