Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Is Spring here?

Hasn't Ziggy grown?He is now 5 months old,neutered and microchipped and so can go out and enjoy the garden.We were frightened he might run off but initially he wouldn't move from the back door.We have made the garden as secure as we can and as he has had his claws clipped he isn't climbing fences and getting out.He is a lovely character,very gentle and purrs all the time.He has a mad half hour every morning and evening charging round which is very funny.I love it when you can walk round the garden and see signs of Spring.We have lots of daffodils,crocus,snowdrops but it is the more unusual I like.These scillas(?) have spread like mad and are gorgeous.In the same border are these anemone blanda.I always thought that the blue variety reverted to white within five years but these have been around for 17 years,at least.I love hellebores too.I was given three plants by my sister in law a couple of years ago but this is the only one that has flowered this year.In the same bed we have loads of bluebells coming up.They are really invasive.
Our daughter is 40 this coming Friday.I can't believe I have children aged 40 and 41!!it can't be right.I don't feel that old!!Her OH took her on a surprise visit to Barcelona last weekend.A huge hit.


  1. Isn't Ziggy a very handsome fellow, he's gorgeous! You've got lovely flowers too. Could it be Spring? I was driving home without lights at 6 o'clock tonight .... I think we're nearly there!!!

  2. My kids are older than me, too!
    Love your flowers, and Ziggy is so exotically patterned, yet handsome. What kind of cat is he?

  3. It's nice to see some colour in the garden isn't it? You have some lovely flowers those blue ones are really nice.
    I had to laugh at Terri's comment about her children being older than she is. I must remember that one. lol.