Sunday, 29 April 2012

I made some blankets

 At long last I have managed to get these photos to upload.They are in the wrong order but so what.A while ago I started crocheting squares using the pattern from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting(but it does include crochet-strange).Above is the resulting blanket.I really enjoyed doing it as the different colour combinations produced different effects.They are also very quick.
 A month or so ago I was stuck for something to do so decided to make some baby car seat blankets.The intention is to sell them for a particular charity I have been following.I used Stylecraft Special DK which is lovely and soft and comes in a huge range of colours.I have made six so far,all different.
This is my favourite.A miniature version of my bigger blanket.

Emily,our middle granddaughter, is seven today so later this afternoon we are going for a birthday tea.She has had a roller disco party with friends this lunchtime and we are the entertainment for later.We always have to have dancing.Quite a sight as you can imagine at my age.Good fun though and definitely no photos!!!


  1. Lovely crochet, so glad Blogger decided to behave itself eventually!

    Have a wonderful time at the party

  2. Lovely crochet! That's why it's on my list .... I can't follow a pattern and just go round and round.
    Your holiday plans sound wonderful .... that's exactly what we want to do. I'll let you into a secret .... I'm going to go part time in September, just two and a half days!!! Can't wait! Then we intend to retire fully in two years time when my husband is 60!
    Then we'll be globetrotting like you!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. I thought you'd lost your mojo! Looks like you've been busy enough to me. Beautiful colours In those blankets - I do love bright colours :)

  4. Lovely crochet. Hope you and of course your granddaughter, enjoyed her party:)

  5. Lovely blankets - I do like that Jane Brockett pattern, but it is a yarn-eater! Beautiful colours. Thanks for the shawl-wearing advice!

  6. hi,
    i have your swap things nearly ready. please email me your address so i can get them posted off to you. helen x

  7. Hi, probably blogger messing about again, it won't let me find your email, mine is helenjwright at x

  8. Lovely blankets :D
    I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures taken at a castle in a previous post. I like your blog.
    Usually I have problems when I try to upload more than a couple pictures in a post. They become jumbled, not in the order I want to talk about them ... so I usually upload only one, maybe two pictures in a post. I'm going to work on this. Surly there must be a trick to it. (Unfortunately, that reminds me of a saying about old dogs and new tricks.)