Friday, 18 May 2012

Hip Knits-KLM

Hip Knits aka Yarn Forward/Kerrie Allman has finally bitten the dust.I think quite a few of us saw the writing on the wall several years ago when we got our fingers burnt!


  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this isn't quite the case. What she has done is to go into administration on both the KAL and ACM companies (ACM was owned by her husband) and now her Dad has set up another company which has bought the sewing and lifestyle titles but has ditched the knitting and crochet ones as most of us have got wise and been avoiding them. Quite shocking really that the bad business practises will be able to continue under a new flag!

  2. Yes, but hopefully people will be as wise to the new bad practices as the old ones. I noticed that they are re-badging Sew Hip into Sew Me !!! Like that is going to improve customer relations. I met her briefly at the Creative Crafts show in Bluewater and she is pregnant again - no wonder she can't cope properly with customer services as she must have about six children now. They are beautiful kids though.
    I think it's probably too little, too late for them.