Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Day on Anglesey,North Wales.

 As I am restricted in what I can do at the moment(we should have gone to France today but have had to cancel)we decided on a trip to Anglesey.It was blue skies when we set off but that wasn't to last.It is less than an hour to Anglesey from our house.The above photo shows the Menai Straits which divide Anglesey from the mainland.They are very treacherous waters and very fast flowing.
 Our first stop was at the above place.The longest place name in Britain,I think.With my recent Welsh lessons I can just about pronounce it!

We then went on to Rhosneigr.A lovely little place with a great beach.There was another beach with masses of surfers but we couldn't park.Just outside the village we noticed an odd looking building which said it was The Oystercatcher Bar and restaurant so in we went for lunch.What a fascinating place.The building was made in Germany and brought in 12 trucks to Rhosneigr where it was assembled.All the furniture inside was made by prisoners in Durham jail.The restaurant is run as a social enterprise.Every year they take between 12 and 18 local students who have done one year in college and give them work experience in the bar and restaurant.The food was wonderful.Any profits made go back into the scheme.It was lovely to be served by these young people.What a great idea.

From there we did a short drive to Oriel Ynys Mon(Anglesey Art Gallery) to see an exhibition by a very famous Welsh artist called Kyffin Williams who does the most marvellous paintings in both oils and water colours.It was good to get out and about with only a short walk from the car so that if my knee went C could dash and get my crutches!


  1. As a child growing up on the Surrey/Sussex border my uncle used to come and stay and taught me how to say Llanfair pg. My pronunciation isn't the best but I can still remember it all these years later.

  2. What a small world! We went to the Oriel Yns Mon in mid September mainly to see the finds from Llyn Cerrig Bach but we also saw the Kyffin Williams exhibition and thought it was wonderful. From there we went to the Llynnon windmill. Hope Anglesey made up a little for not being able to go to France:)

  3. How lovely that you live so close to all of these wonders. I used to visit Wales as a child and have many happy memories of playing on the sand at Black Rock Sands close to Porthmadoc.

  4. I lived on Anglesey for 25 years before moving to the South East - my parents live there still. We too have been to the Oriel. I remember my mums friend collecting Kyffin Williams' work in the 1970's - they must now be worth a small fortune! Glad you enjoyed your day.

  5. Oh I am such a big Kyffin William's fan. How much longer is the exhibition running? It's not so much further for me than you.

    Glad to hear the knee is holding up, and the new kitchen is lovely :D

  6. So sorry to hear about the problems with your knee but hopefully no dashes by C were required.

    Anglesey seems fascinating and that cloudscape is lovely.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. In perusing your posts, I realize you are an amazing knitter! I'm sure you'll be able to create some wonderful items with all those leftover balls and scraps of yarn. A crazy quilt afghan??

  8. What a shame you didn't get over to France but you seemed to have enjoyed your day anyway. Your pictures are lovely :)
    Wow, that is some name - I don't think I could pronounce that :))

  9. Wow! We were here during the summer and have fallen in love with it1 Plan to be back next summer. We love the beaches on Anglesey. So pretty. Cx