Sunday, 4 November 2012

There is snow on Snowdon(North Wales)

I love this time of the year.A friend and I were discussing the other day whether we could live somewhere that didn't have seasons.The conclusion was that we couldn't.The Autumn colours this year have been exceptionally beautiful.What do you think?

Yesterday saw a clear blue sky so although we knew the day would be going off we headed towards Snowdonia and couldn't believe that there was snow on Mount Snowdon but also on other lower hills.I am sure this is very early for snow.As we drove through Betwys y Coed it started sleeting.It only takes us 50 minutes to get to see this wonderful scenery.From Betwys we went down to the coast at Conway,had a quick drink in Llandudno and headed for home.All done in three hours.

An update on my knee situation.I actually saw my consultant on Thursday and it isn't as bad as we feared.He was quite mystified because on the X ray everything looks normal so he is replacing the plastic bearing with a larger one and hopes that does the trick.He has to order the part making me sound like a car!The op should be done in 2-4 weeks and then hopefully we won't have to go everywhere with crutches and a wheelchair in the car.(In case the knee locks)

An update on our murdered vet.The police have found the remains of TWO bodies but have not actually said if either is the missing vet.


  1. Stunning scenery. Country with seasons is beautiful of nature. Enjoy different time of the year and wish you speedy recovery.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  2. News report on Yahoo confirmed that one of the bodies was that of the vet, Catherine. It is so incredible that this kind of thing carries on happening in a so called civilized country.

    Hope the Op works on your knee and you don't have any further locking problems.

  3. Brr! Hard to believe we were on the top of Snowdon in June this year! There are some wonderful auntumn colours around. So glad to hear that your knee problem isn't as complicated as you first thought. What sad news about your vet, such a dreadful thing to heppen.

  4. Sad news about the vet - fancy two bodies being found - have you got a serial killer there? Hope not. Snowdon looks wonderful.

  5. I so agree with you about the beauty of changing gives us so much more natural beauty to love.

    Best wishes on your upcoming knee adjustment!

    (It is so difficult to think of murder of someone you know...even though news coverage brings us so many tragic stories daily.)


  6. Definite seasons sounds good to me. Ours change but things on the whole look the same .... just duller when the grass doesn't grow!