Friday, 9 November 2012

My latest projects.

 This is a blanket I have done for over the sofa in the lounge.It gets a lot of sun so the need to stop the sofa fading.The colours are picked out from the curtains.I love doing these squares!Joining them together is a bit of a chore.
I also love doing this zigzag crochet.It grows so quickly.This a mini blanket for Ziggy to sit on on the sofa in the dining room which is where we tend to watch TV.
I decided I needed my own room for my crafting,i padding,radio listening etc where I am not disturbed.So I am having the back bedroom(we live in a bungalow) just for me.We rarely have visitors staying so it is wasted just as a bedroom.It is going to be my den!I already have a built in cupboard where I keep my projects and my stash.I am going to buy some shelves to put all my books,patterns etc on AND it is the perfect excuse to do another throw.Last night I ordered a load of Stylecraft Special DK yarn in bright colours.This range has a huge range of colour options,is lovely and soft and cheap.I can't wait to get going.
We have had three visits to Theatr Clwyd in the last week.We saw the play Boeing Boeing in the main theatre.It is a farce and was brilliantly well done.We have also seen two films.The Bird ,a French film with English subtitles and last night The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine.A classic which has stood the test of time.
Finally ,the police didn't find two bodies when looking for our missing vet ,they found two lots of remains miles apart .How could anyone do this.Just awful.


  1. I love the throws you have made, they are so pretty especially the one for the lounge. Can you join them as you make the squares on the final round?

    So sad to hear about your vet - I don't know what we would do if we lost ours she is amazing and has helped us to give Ted the best life can offer. I don't know how anyone can do the things that have come to light recently.

    I look forward to seeing your new stash of yarn and what you will make with it.

    Love, Sarah x

  2. I just love your crochet blankets, do you give them as presents to your family and friends? I would imagine that to receive something like that would make the recipient feel so special. Do you crochet them together or mattress stitch them?

  3. I use the 3rd bedroom of our house for my room too but it's a pain when we have people come to stay and I have to put the stuff away that I've spread all over the bed !!!
    Love the blankets. I must attempt a ripple soon but I'm a bit anxious about the foundation row and keeping it square. Mine seems to turn into a triangle !!!

  4. I love the colour palatte that you've chosen for the blanket :)

    It's awful about the vet isn't it.

  5. Beautiful crochet!

    Thanks for your comment about my new pottery obsession, you lucky thing having all that Midwinter stuff!