Saturday, 31 January 2015

Another project!

 I love making blankets,especially in the Winter.Before we moved to this house in November I thought I had destashed.Well,I still have so much left over wool from other projects that I decided another was calling to me.Below is my selection of colours.It is going to be single bed size and I am following Lucy(Attic 24) in the one she has just completed.Watch this space for progress because I also have three knitting projects on the go!!
                    A pair of socks.
                    A jumper for me.
                    A lace scarf in 2ply.

Hope the weather is better for you than here.We have had snow this week ,its very cold and windy and possibly more snow on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend.Barbarax


  1. Your basket looks like mine but your balls of yarn are a lot neater. They should make a beautiful blanket. It's cold and blustery here but the sun has been shining today.

  2. A lace scarf in 2 ply?? You are my hero!

  3. Lovely colours ... I'm really looking forward to seeing how your scarf progresses ... I've had two attempts at 2 ply and both have ended in knots :) I do plan to try again though.

  4. Colours chosen are lovely. Cold over your way - hot over here!

  5. Those colors make my heart happy.

  6. Your blanket is going to look lovely! Keep warm! Ros

  7. Yummy colours and lovely things to be working on! xx

  8. Nothing better than being snuggled warm under a blanket you are crocheting when its cold outside !

  9. That looks like just what's needed with snow on the ground.