Sunday, 6 August 2017

What happened to yesterday?

I was supposed to blog every day but forgot yesterday!Not a good start!
this weekend it is the North Wales Blues and Soul Festival in our little town,in fact it is about 100 yards from our house.This was very nice on Friday,not so bad yesterday but I think today I have had enough of all the noise and it is poring down so  I feel very sorry for the organisers.Yesterday we met friends for coffee( how long can you make a cup of coffee last) and had a good old natter.I spent £24 on yarn at our local Yarn O'Clock shop.I like to support local concerns but it is expensive.I bought some lace weight and some 4 ply.One of my closest friends has a birthday in October so I want to make her a crescent shaped shawl.I have two different patterns and the two yarns.Decisions .Decisions.
our eldest granddaughter is 18 today.They are on holiday in the USA and are in Yosemite National Park at the moment.We have just managed to speak to her and she was really pleased with her presents- a Welsh gold bracelet,perfume,a book with paintings of Cambridge where they live plus other little things.Phew ,she liked them.

back tomorrow.


  1. Yosemite is beautiful, bet she likes it.

  2. Sounds as though you were having far too much fun to be blogging! Yosemite is beautiful, so I am sure that your granddaughter will enjoy it.

  3. How lovely to have a yarn shop to browse through. Sadly all my wool shopping is through the Internet these days. Glad your granddaughter enjoyed her pressies :). B x