Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Do you know any 9 and 12 year old who would like to write to my granddaughters?

Ruby is nine and has discovered she likes writing letters tp people.I was telling her that a number of years ago I had lots of pe friends around the World.I got into to it through International Penfriends which was an organisation based in Dublin.The idea was to promote international goodwill.It was a great hobby and I still keep in touch with most of them,usually at Christmas with a catch up letter.
Ruby is nine.Her sister is Emily  and she is twelve.If you know anyone who is interested you can email me at candbharrison@talktalk.net

We met up with the girls and Sarah for coffee this morning.This afternoon we went to our Science Group. two short talks.One about Physics which was way above my head!We have a cup of tea afterwards so it is a nice social event as well.

Guess what? it is pouring down again.We really havn't had a summer.We are off to France in two weeks time and are also grabbing a week in Spain in September.Watch us hit a bad week there!!

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