Monday, 7 August 2017

Bits and bobs.

This morning saw me going to my Social History Group which meets once a month.Today the talk wason the History of the Royal Mail from Henry VIII s time.We are just off the route that was taken from London to Holyhead from 1795 to 1808.Northop was a Post.The coach stopped there .The post was collected and off they went.In ten miles they will change the horses.All the way from London the horses are regularly changed.When they get to Conway everyone gets off the coach and ferries across the river and then picks up another coach.It wasn't until 1826 when Thomas Telford built his bridges that they could get across the water safely.We take everything for granted today but it was so difficult in the past.An interesting talk.
Over the weekend I did some sorting out in my craft room.I have so much wool.I was ruthless and this afternoon went to the British Heart Foundation charity shop to see if they wanted it.They were delighted.
Back to a bit of pootling in the garden,filling bird feeders ,clearing the pond and a bit of weeding.Just done a bit of shawl knitting and am about to watch some TV crocheting some squares with more left over wool.Mindless stuff that I can do watching TV.


  1. Your history group sounds interesting! I am sure that your no longer needed by you craft supplies will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by someone else!

  2. Your talk at the Social History Group sounds fascinating. We do take things for granted today and yet setting out on any journey back then must have been frought with dangers and anxieties. I bet the charity shop were delighted with your donation:)