Sunday, 26 August 2018

Forgot the text!

I was so excited to have posted some photos I forgot to put any text.A friend showed me a toy she had made from “Edward’s Menagerie”.They are crocheted so I thought I would have a go.I am thrilled with the lion but the fox( yes,it is supposed to be a fox!) was a little more tricky.I have also done a rabbit and an elephant.
The blanket is the one I made from the mini skeins I won in a giveaway.


  1. LOL...will scroll down to your previous post. YOu can though if you want, just go to your dashboard and edit your post, to add info beneath the pics...

  2. Those mini skeins have made a beautiful blanket. I got Edward's Menagerie for Christmas a few years ago but I still haven't had a go at any of the animals. I'm not such a confident crocheter as I am knitter but I must have a go at one.

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