Thursday, 6 December 2018

Manchester Xmas market

 We went to Manchester today to meet up with our eldest granddaughter who is at University there.
Some of the stalls are amazing.Just look at all those sausages.C cannot resist buying Five for £10He was in his element speaking in French to all the French stall holders.Ella had never been to a large Crhristmas market before and was impressed BUT it is so tiring!!!!But  we had a good time..We will see a lots more of Ella because we are spending Xmas with them in Cambridge.Ithink it has helped her settle knowing we are only an hour away.
More photos .Very poor quality.I really must get a better phone.

 There was a tree for charity.Write a wish and tie it on for £1.A really nice idea.

Garlic galore.

                                         Wooden names.


  1. Gobsmacked you have a grandchild at uni. But then I was a late starter. 31 - 4 kids later. So now in my late 60s my grandchildren are still at nursery and primary school!

  2. I haven't been to a Christmas market for years, I haven't seen one advertised close to me. Perhaps I should plan on going further afield next year.

  3. I'm sure it's a very nice market. I do miss the festive spirit of the holidays. Don't see much of it here. It's wonderful that you are only an hour away from visiting your granddaughter. As for your question on my blog about the language barrier, with some children, sometimes they only speak Arabic. I know many words so can sometimes figure things out and we manage. But with my crochet buddy, she attends a British school so there's no barrier at all. :)

  4. Christmas markets can be great fun. I love the happy, energetic vibes there.

  5. It looks like a good market. We went to the one in Nottingham when Eleanor was in her first year at uni, and there's quite a big one in Leeds which we usually go to. They really get you in the Christmas spirit.

  6. All the produce looks lovely and I like the idea of the wish tree:)