Friday, 15 March 2019


For my first daily blog I picked a day when nothing was scheduled!Normaly on a Friday I meet a friend for tea and toasted tea cake but she couldn't make today.The weather here has been wet and windy for days so I suggested a trip to Marks and Spencer's at Cheshire Oaks.This is the largest of their stores outside of London so good for a bit of exercise.I went in thinking there would be lots of new Spring clothes in but it was just full of racks and racks of sale items.I really do think M&S have lost their way.I didn't buy anything but I am not really into clothes.What I have suits me fine.We had had an email so say there was a wine sale.All the spaces where they had been were empty.
Back from there we did the Tesco shop.C usually does this on his own while I am meeting my friend.
After lunch it cleared up a bit so into the garden we went.We spent two hours out there.We have three enormous trees in our garden,two with TPOs(tree protection orders) on them. Autumn is a nightmare but we are still raking leaves up and it is March.Where are they coming from?I shall probably be very stiff tomorrow.
I promise tomorrow will be more interesting. It is our daughter's birthday and we are meeting up in Chester.The forecast for tomorrow is dire- again.It is back to raining and blowing a gale here.
I have just poured myself a glass of rose ,my weekend treat, and I stall have a read of my book ready for Reading Group next week.It is Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri  and is a collection of short stories.
Back tomorrow.Barbarax


  1. Well done for getting out into the garden I haven't even thought about doing that yet it's still too cold for me. Enjoy meeting with your daughter tomorrow I love Chester. xx

  2. Great to spend some time in the garden. I too am usually disappointed by what M&S has to offer other than underwear and occasional food treats. I hope the weather isn't too bad for your visit to Chester:)

  3. We still have heavy rain and winds so there’s no chance of getting out in the garden at all. Hope you have a lovely time in Chester.

  4. I agree with you on M&S, I used to rely on them for underwear and other items of clothing could be relied on for wear but not anymore.
    I had my Birthday today so your daughter is just one day behind mine. enjoy the day.

  5. Sad to hear even the big M&S is not living up to expectations these days. When I come home to Devon I always spend hours in there looking and often buying - does this mean when I come this Spring I won't be buying much and can leave the empty suitcase here! Internet shopping is killing the bricks and mortar shops - so many closing here, especially large department stores.