Saturday, 16 March 2019

Today has been wild and windy.

Today has been really wet and windy.Tomorrow hail showers are forecast with a high of 6 degrees.I am really fed up with this weather.I am missing short walks and my weight is going up.In three weeks time I am having a medical check up which I am paying for.I had it done last year and didn't feel I was ripped off.My big problem is that I have put on 5 lbs from this time last year.You get all the results and then it is up to you if anything shows up whether to go to your GP.Too many of my friends have been to the doctor about something quite minor and then found themselves at the hospital only to discover it was nothing.
My weight isn't helped by eating out twice this week.We went to a local Chinese restaurant on Tuesday with a group of friends,eat as much as you like for £14.99.Then today it being Sarah's birthday we met up in Chester and went to Moules a GoGo.We had a set menu and that included dessert!!
Wales beat Ireland in the Six Nations rugby and won the Grand Slam.
Wrexham beat Maidstone in the football and I finished a 1,000 piece jigsaw while this was going on.
Hope you have had a good day.


  1. The medical check sounds a good idea - how did you hear of it?

    1. My daughter was sent a letter but anyone can go.The company is Bluecrest Health Screening and they hold clinics all over the country.Last time I was only in about twenty minutes but they take blood,lung function,BP etc and you get a detailed analysis back fairly quickly and in my case tell you that you are overweight!!!!!

  2. I haven't been walking much lately and need to get back to it but the weather definitely doesn't help, does it? I've started on Slimming World, doing it alone rather than going to a group, so I'm hoping to see some weight loss as a result ... fingers crossed!

  3. I hope the weather cooperates and you get to get out and walk soon. Have a wonderful week.