Saturday, 18 January 2020

A trip to Conwy

                                          Conway castle (North Wales) from the back.From the front it is on a main road across the river so tricky.
 On the quayside with the castle in the background.

Below the town walls and the smallest house in Uk.

It takes us about fifty minutes to drive here.I was saying to OH today that I a so glad we are close to the sea and mountains.We are very lucky.
Lunch was mussels at the Mulberry pub on Conwy Marina.It was cold but sunny.A lovely way to spend a January Saturday.Iforgot we also went to the Cambrian Art Gallery inConwy to see the 2020 Open Exhibition.

I have to confess that I came back and had a nap.Allthat fresh air!!!!!


  1. I worked with a woman last night who organises the pirate weekend in Conwy
    It looks great fun

  2. We are also lucky that we are only 5 minutes from the sea - we can actually see it from our sofa. Somehow water has a very calming effect.
    Looks like you had the same beautiful weather that we had across the water here.

  3. 10 minutes drive to the sea. Art exhibition at the bottom of the garden. Heaven!

  4. It looks lovely and I'm glad you had a good time.

  5. Looks like it was a nice outing with lovely and interesting surroundings.

  6. Sounds lovely, you had good weather too:)

  7. Lovely blue sky for your day out. Castles in Wales are so lovely to visit.