Sunday, 5 January 2020

I am back and need to blog more!!!

It was our wedding anniversary last week and this is the card I got for C.Inside it said "together through thick and thin".It is by Quentin Blake ,a very famous British illustrator.I thought it was very apt in two ways.We are both a lot heavier than we used to be but we have been through a lot together as well.
I am going to adopt a new personal mantra of "live each day to the full and enjoy it." Who knows what is round the corner.O ver the last month we have received lots of bad news about friends who are ill.We have Mike's op hanging over us,due onFeb 4th but apart from that we are fine.We had a great Xmas.Sarah ,Mike,Emily and Ruby came to us .We catered and all went well.We patted ourselves on the back that we had pulled it off.We played lots of games and laughed a lot.They stayed for three days.We were exhausted when they went but it was really good.
I am looking forward to getting back to a normal routine.I have been so confused about what day it is!!!
Tomorrow morning it is our U3A Social History Group and a talk on the BayeuxTapestry.We are hoping to go to Normandy in July(fingers crossed all goes well with M's op) and would go and see it.We went years ago but I would like to go again.
Aren't the fires inAustralia terrible.Many years ago we were on holiday in the south of France and we were evacuated in the middle of the night because a fire
was rapidly approaching our campsite.I can honestly say it is most frightened I have been in my life.The sky was orange and the air thick with smoke making our eyes sting.It stopped 50 yards from our mobile home.Scary.


  1. That's a great card.
    Enjoy your talk on the Bayeux, I bet that will be interesting.

  2. Happy new year and belated anniversary wishes. The fires in Australia are devastating and still fools debate the cause and concern themselves with statistics. So much loss and destruction. It's heartbreaking. Prayers and healing for all who are in need and suffering.

  3. Your life sounds a bit like ours. Our 56th wedding anniversary was on 4th Jan and like you we've been through a lot together and are still going through it. Living life each day is the only way to get through and try to find something to laugh at, not always easy. Good to have you back, also like you now I have to find the inclination to start blogging again.

  4. Belated anniversary wishes, that's a super card! Hope you enjoy your U3A talk:)