Wednesday, 25 March 2020

What have you been up to?

 I do not know what has happened to my photos ,some are ok,some are sideways and the socks are upside down.I did them all the same way.Yesterday we had a letter,through the post,from our youngest granddaughter.Such a lovely surprise.
I have been doing some puzzles.Some I just don't understand.
Now blogger will not let me move down.
I have finished a pair of socks.
I made another mandala last night,a quick project and very satisfying.This one is for my sister in law.She has a seashore themed conservatory so I chose the colours accordingly.
I am reading Dear Life by Rachel Clarke.Not really the book to be reading in these troubled times.Any suggestions for a good read welcomed.
I am doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw.
We have done loads in the garden with this beautiful weather but suddenly I have become terrified of falling.Our garden is very uneven with lots of roots.

Would love to hear how you are getting on particularly those of you who live alone.



  1. Well, I'm doing exercises online, especially PE with Joe and things my personal trainer puts on. I'm sewing and knitting and I've just learnt how to do video chats which is lovely.
    Your mandala is really lovely and, as a sock knitter myself, I think yours are great!

  2. We live in a village so we walk most days, keeping away from everyone. I am busy knitting a cardigan for myself, using up some of my stash. Next I am going to learn more crochet stitches and make a different blanket. I have an online British sign language course, and there is always my garden.

  3. Sounds like you're keeping busy, which is helpful during these difficult times. We've not had good weather enough to work outside until today. I managed to clean up one flower bed from stuff I usually do in the fall, but couldn't then. Mind you it's still needs weeded badly, but I did get all the dead junk pulled out to help the plants that are beginning to pop up. I'm not real patient with puzzles, but they're suppose to be such a good thing for us to do.

  4. Lovely mandala and great socks.
    DH and I are both high risk so staying home, he's been doing his heart re-hab pottering in the garden as his classes are cancelled and I've been doing a little yoga, crafting, a little reading, drinking tea in the garden.

  5. Great to hear you are keeping busy. I'm trying not to change my routine too much. But I have more time on my hands as my gym has quite rightly closed. I make sure I go out for a walk every day and combine that with a visit to my local corner shop for a few bits. I queued for an hour to get into Sainsburys yesterday and have no intention of going there again until things are back to normal. We are laying a new patio in our garden at the moment. So that will keep us busy for quite a while as we are doing everything ourselves. Then I will have some tidying up to do in my garden. It never ends. Knitting helps as well. I put it down when the shock of the current situation hit home. But I picked it up again this week and find it helps me to forget everything else.

  6. So glad you are keeping busy during this difficult time. Stay safe my friend.