Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

I can recommend this book by Christy Lefteri.Nuri is a beekeeper,his wife an artist.They live in Aleppo until they are forced to flee.
Did anyone see the series Unprecedented on BBC 4?There are 3 x10 minutes playlets filmed during lockdown.Some funny,some poignant.I think there are three episodes.

Common sense prevailed and we did not meet up with the family.Since March 13th I have been in two garden centres and two garage shops to get a paper.All masked and gloved.I have not been in a supermarket or pharmacy or anywhere else.My OH has not been in any .

Yesterday I had a "down" day.It was cold and wet and seemed to go on forever.I am much better today.We have had What's App chats with two of our granddaughters and our daughter..The girls who are 12 and 15!have really got into cooking and baking during lockdown and have really become much closer.We then had a chat with our son in Cambridge and one of his sons.These family chats really perk me up.

Over the last week our county  has only had two or three cases every day.Surely that is easy to track and trace.
A new week coming up .If it warms up friends can visit in the garden.That will be good.
Stay safe.Barbarax


  1. After the recent prolonged sunshine the rain has certainly dampened everyones spirits although the garden has benefitted from it.
    Technology does have its good points. I had a videochat with my granddaughter today.
    Have a good week.

  2. Yes my paintings are for sale. Check out my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts. If you dont do facebook just ask re a painting you are interested in.

  3. I know how you feel. We have Zoom and Facetime chats with friends each week, I've written letters and cards to others who don't have the internet, also chatted with cousins on the phone. I haven't been in a large supermarket since March 16th and only been out for an hour's walk, not everyday, since 23rd March. Husband pops two or three times a week to our local small Co-op and we've had a couple of Tesco deliveries over those weeks. It must be difficult living near the border between Wales and England when the rules are different. We are still staying home and not changing anything yet. The wet weather, although much needed, has scuppered plans for people meeting in parks and gardens, no wonder we all feel a bit down:)

  4. I think we all feel down sometimes it's inevitable, we have been so lucky with the weather but this past week has been awful which doesn't help. It's my crafting that keeps me sane, have a good week.

  5. I often think it must be nice to be one of those people who are always cheerful and optimistic, I try to be but often fail. I think we all get down days but for most of us they don't last long thank goodness.
    I have just downloaded that book from 'Borrowbox' the library digital site. I have been looking for a good book and this sounds like my kind of story. I get fed up with 'who dunnit's' lol

  6. I thin we are all having down days and that is okay, staying down is what we have to worry about. Glad you were able to at least chat with your grandkids. Stay safe Barbara.

  7. I think we've been so fortunate to have such good weather during lockdown, I can't imagine how down in the dumps we'd all be had we had a wet spring. The weather definitely plays havoc with my moods.

  8. I agree that the weather controls our mood.Speaking of the book, they are fleeing the war, and this is much worse than the weather.
    I wish you warmth and sunny days.