Friday, 6 November 2020

Seeing the grandchildren.Not.

Our son organised a family zoom quiz last night.It was the first time I had used zoom.It was a lot of fun.We could see all the grandchildren.Ella in Manchester(at Uni),Emily and Ruby in Cheshire,Angus and Fin in Cambridge and us in North Wales.We thoroughly enjoyed but I have felt so flat since.Look but can't touch.I so need some grandkids hugs but not at least for another four weeks and will we get to Cambridge at Christmas. I have given myself a good talking to and counted my blessings. The sun is shining,we are all well and it will be over soon. Stay safe Barbaraxx P.S. I can hear the children playing out at the nearby school.What a lovely sound.Probably wouldn't understand what they are saying as it is a Welsh medium school!!!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your zoom get together but I know it's not the same, it's hard isn't it my family are scattered too and I rarely see them even in normal times. I love Cambridge I hope you do manage to get there for Christmas. Have a lovely week end. xx

  2. So sad that we can look but not touch in these surreal times. A friend dropped off some books for me the other day and we chatted, (2 metres) apart, for ages. In bygone times she would be having a cuppa and we would be arranging an evening meet up with our other halves. No visits from family who live abroad and not hugged or touched for nearly a year. Hey ho.
    Stay safe

  3. The internet has been a lifeline to so many people during the pandemic but it just isn't the same as seeing our loved ones in person. We haven't seen Daniel and Jasmine since last Christmas and the way things are going we don't know if we'll be seeing them this Christmas.