Wednesday, 4 November 2020

A lot of wine but not much food!

OH did the Sainsburs delivery order last week.Lots of wine but some vital items missing.We have run out of veg so decided we would go to our local outdoor market.We havnt been in a supermarket since March.We decided outdoor shopping would be fine. What a treat to actually see fresh produce and select our own.All very safe. Then as we were getting out of the car back home a friend happened to be passing and we had a socially distanced chat. Then I went to Specsavers for an eyesight checkup.It seems I havnt had new glasses for three years.I thought it was last year.Is that my age that time is gallopping past.So ,I came home £188.00 lighter. What an exciting day!!!!!!! It just shows the t8mes we are in.Stay safe . love all my bloggy friends. Barbaraxxx


  1. That sounds like a super busy day getting all your jobs done before lockdown. Stay safe. B x

  2. I'm glad you were able to stock up on those fresh fruits and veg. It sounds like a good day, albeit a bit expensive!

  3. We have had wine delivered, my favorite wine is not often in the supermarkets, so hubby found a site online and got 6 bottles, along with our favorite coffee, important things first. Our local market fruit and veg stall produce is more often sadly poor quality, so we don't purchase much.

  4. I bet that outdoor shopping lifted your spirits, do more of it I say. I think the situation is getting most of us down, especially those of us who remember what this land was like years ago when we started out when we were living in a Democracy, I don't think I'd call it that now.