Sunday, 22 August 2021

Garden mandalas.

Mandalas are so easy to make and I think they are effective.We only moved in here four months ago.The back garden is mainly hard landscaping with a beds with random shrubs and trees round the outside.We are left with plastic pretend hedging ,awful, and bare fences.We have put in new shrubs but for the time being need something to distract the eye.The top one is hanging as a mobile and the other two are on the fence.(Blogger is playing up and no idea where text and photos are going).

The next two photos are of a tree in the garden but look how far the nasturtium has grown.I never have much luck with them but this  one,just one, has appeared and gone mad.

Need to close now before it all disappears.

Cheers Barbara



  1. They are very attractive. xx

  2. I think they are lovely to look at. Well done.

  3. The mandalas are a good quick fix and are definitely pretty to look at.