Sunday, 26 September 2021

If it wasn’t COVID it is now petrol.

 We are due to go to Cambridge next Friday to visit our son and family.Angus was 15 last Friday and we have only seen him once in 18 months.He has shot up and his voice has broken.We we’re really looking forward to spending the weekend with the family.The car is full of petrol but it will only get us there,not enough to come back.Do we risk it?

I have finished my Dune blanket(Attic 24).
This is my next project and my socks that are a WIP.

I am worrying at the moment about my daughter.She is feeling overwhelmed by what is going on in her life.Thank goodness we have moved closer because face to face chats are much better than on the phone.I am trying to help her pass the time with jigsaws ,a couple of small craft kits and a puzzle book.Fingers crossed it is short lived.


  1. First, I love that hat, quite a challenge I would think
    As for you daughter I know what you mean. Ours are in their 50's but are worried sick about the state of the world right now. Tom and myself hate it as well but we are at the end of our lives but they have families and a long was to go yet so I understand how they feel.
    My daughter was in a state but since being persueded to do jigsaws feels so much better, they take you away from your worries don't they?

  2. We are all feeling it, the last couple of years have taken its toll on everyone. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. As for fuel, we are hoping to drive to Somerset in 2 weeks, who knows if we can go.

  3. Hope you manage to make your trip away. I love the dune blanket. I bet it will get lots of use. Have a good weekend. B x