Saturday, 2 October 2021

Blogtober 2021.

 I am late joining this but will give it a go.

Today it has poured down all day.Non stop.

We normally have two papers on a Saturday but no Guardian today so just the “I”.

This afternoon went to  ……home and leisure.Interesting with lots of clothes,well lots of everything but my back is too bad to try anything on.I will be back!!!

Chinese takeaway for tea(does anyone else say “tea”) then Strictly Come Dancing later.

Back tomorrow.



  1. Just the 'i' for us too, we say tea rather than dinner here. Home and Leisure looks interesting, not too far from here either:)

  2. Had chinese yesterday and ended up with indigestion all night.
    As for a bad back, I give up on mine, I think it's my hip that causes it, referred pain I think they call it.
    Who wants to get old? lol
    Nice to see you post.