Wednesday, 20 May 2009

HI everyone.Good to hear from Sarah.
As I said in my profile I am a retired teacher(retired early!).I don't know how I found time to work because I am so busy now.Today C and I actually had a day where we had nothing in the diary.Neither of us!We have been meaning to go to Bodnant gardens for days but the weather has been awful.Well, we made it today.It rained a bit and it was a bit wet,well,very wet under foot.My new trainers ended up covered in mud and my jeans were all splattered but we had a great day.Bodnant is a National Trust garden not far from Conway in North Wales about 50 minutes from our house.It is famous for it's azaleas,rhodos,camellias etc so now is the time of year to visit.It is spectacular.
Now we are back home.I have taken my 87 year old neighbour some reading matter and soon it will be knitting time.More about my projects next time.

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