Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I had an interesting Bank Holiday Sunday.My stepmother had invited myself and myOH and my brother and his wife to an exhibition at her church.It was to raise funds for the church so we felt we ought to go even though it is 50 miles away.It was actually very good.The exhibition was showing the work of illustrator Waler Howarth.He did the covers for lots of comic type magazines and his output was staggering.It was good to support them and to see Jean,Peter and Janet.

On the way back to the motorway we did a bit of a detour and called in on some old friends who we hadn't seen for ages.What a shock we got.Kathleen was just a different person,had lost loads of weight and just couldn't remember things at all.I have felt really depressed about it ever since.

It looks as though we will go away on Friday so I have been collecting together my craft projects.They are....

A cross stitch picture in the Silhouettes series.I said I would like one for my birthday and OH bought 3.How daunting is that!!

A 2ply lace weight stole to finish

A 2ply shawl just started-Swallowtail

A hooded top for Emily(to do in the car)

My latest Violet green sock project

A scarf to start in Posh Yarn Eva 2 ply

Plus some wool,a crochet hook and a copy of Inside Crochet magazine to play with

Oh,by the way we are only going for 2 weeks but I like a lot of choice depending on the mood I'm in!!

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  1. Wow! You certainly won't be bored with that lot! How do you find time for sightseeing and things? Have a lovely time x