Thursday, 21 May 2009

I said I would tell you more about my knitting projects.At the moment I am knitting hooded tops for my 2 granddaughters.They are both in Tiny Tots wool,one in beige and one in pink.I have done the main bits for one but unable to face the borders started on the other one so I now have 2 lots of borders to do!!I am also knitting a stole in 2ply lace wool bought from Posh Yarn and a shawl also in 2ply.I am really enjoying doing lace knitting at the moment.

Today has been a funny old day.It started with my husband having a check up at the hospital.He had his spleen removed 6 months ago because it was 4 times the size it should be but they don't know why .Today we were told they have sent bits of to Birmingham who are experts.At one time we were told he might have lymphoma or leukaemia but these have been ruled out.

This afternoon my daughter and her 2 little girls came over because we were all having our hair cut.we have a hairdresser who comes to the house.

My OH has now gone to see a physio beause he has something wrong with his leg? foot ?Who knows.

Hope someone reads this!!

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  1. I do dislike days that are bitty don't you! Love the sound of the lace knitting - I have only bought bats for spinning so far from posh, will try and get my hands on some yarn soon (I missed out last time as I was busy getting the bats). Well done on keeping up with the blog!