Friday, 22 May 2009

No knitting news today.We are going out to the theatre tonight and that means lost knittting time!!I havn't picked any knitting up today at all.Will have to try before we go out.

We have Theatre Clwyd just 5 minutes from our house.It has 2 theatres plus a film theatre and studio rooms.We are so lucky.They often show films which do not appear at the multiplexes.

Tonight we are seeing the play Mary Stuart by Schiller.It has had rave reviews in the Sunday Times and the Guardian.Just hope it isn't too long!
No knitting photos today but a photo of the azaleas in my front garden.

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  1. They are so lovely, I have only mud and weeds at the back just now. We started on the garden at the begining of the year and all was going quite well, we stopped to get the patio done and then dog was ill so the weeds have grown! Might get the spade out this weekend though.