Monday, 15 February 2010


At long last i feel I am getting back to normal.Only two days and I can drive again.I can now walk around the house without crutches and with very little pain.

Iam plodding on with my Mystery Blanket Club but am not finding it that easy.Mine are all different sizes.Some are rectangles not squares.Hope when they are blocked they will all be the same.
I,really, have too many WIPs.I have done two rooms of my cross stitch house.I have a two ply shawl on the go which I am hoping to finish by Friday to show a friend.I am knitting socks for C.I have bought some wool to knit 2yr old Ruby a cardigan for the spring plus the blanket and two books to read for the two book groups I am in

I am having real problems trying to leave comments on S's and A's blogs.Help please.

Enjoy half term.

more photos soon and I do promise to blog more.


  1. Good to hear you are nearly good as new! I was wondering about the post a comment problem - I find that once I hit the post comment button it goes back to the blog post and sometimes I forget to scroll down and put in the code word, it is usually somewhere down at the bottom of the page and I have missed it a couple of times and had to go back and rewrite the comment - other than that let me know what else happens for you.

  2. Ha ha! I know what you mean about WIPs - I have a shawl on the go at the moment which I HAVE to finish by March 30th as it's a leaving present, a pair of socks - one bigger than the other as it's for Thomas' friend who is having a cast put on next week, a scarf - finish by next week??! and still, when I go to the yarn store, I see some more yarn that I know 'just what to do with' - I think it's an obsession. Your comments seem to be coming through ok so I'm not sure what the problem can be but you can always e-mail me if you want!