Friday, 26 February 2010


We had a trip into Chester today.It is our nearest shopping centre with an M&S etc.I havn't been shopping since December but as you can see it was very busy.Trying to take a photo while holding a crutch and a handbag is not easy!!Hence the poor quality.I have decided it is too risky for me to try this again for a while.Too many pushchairs and people not looking where they are going.I was prepared top spend but all I bought (in M&S) were 2 lipsticks (they always make you feel better) and some reading glasses.I enjoyed the trip though.One more step in getting back to normal.
C is now watching the rubgy and I think it is time for a glass of wine.
Have a great weekend.Lots of knitting.


  1. I love shopping in Chester, my favourite shop is up in the rows called Liberty Belle and I always try and pop in to get a little treat when I get the chance. Plus I love 'Stash' and although it is now some way outside Chester if it is just Lottie and I shopping in the hols then we try and pop in to get goodies. Fridays and Saterdays are my least favourite shopping days as even Nantwich is busy then. Not that I have been doing much recently, this whole work thing rather puts a dampener on shopping time!

  2. I have a habit of doing most of my shopping online because I work full time and can't be bothered to go out on Saturday or Sunday most of the time. :)

  3. I'm afraid I'm like Claire - I hate the shops at the weekend so I shop online. Plus, boys don't like shopping much - especially yarn shopping - I'm deprived :-(