Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My blanket squares and stiff legs!!

Three of my squares.Not blocked.

I have done two of this month's Debbie aAbraham@s squares but am being held up because I was some beads missing.I understand they are on their way.I have found the whole thing very challenging and I have learnt so much and done so many new things.I have never used sequins before or beads threaded on the wool prior to starting.It's very exciting and different.

I am feeling very stiff today.Yesterdayafternoon( after spending an interesting morning listening to someone giving a talk on Andy Warhol,Jackson Pollock and Mark rothko) I had to go to lower limb exercise class!!This is a follow up to my knee op.After a warm up we had 6 activities to do,3 minutes on each and then move on.This included going on a balance board,a treadmill(OMG) and a bike.I havn't done any exercise like this for years,if ever.I thoroughly enjoyed it and came out buzzing but my legs are soooo stiff.I didn't let it put me off going for my first drive.I have wheels again.Thank goodness.

This morning we boked £120 worth of theatre and film tickets at our local Theatr Clwyd.we are so lucky to have this facility 5 minutes away.We have booked for plays including 2 Alyn Ayckbourn ,Ballet Rambert,2 films and a jazz evening.After that we had a trip to Llangollen to see an art exhibition(where I and 4 others got locked in a lift for 10 minutes) and had lunch out.It is so good to get back to normal activities.

Book Group inthe morning.


  1. Wow you are making up for lost time! Glad you have wheels again, it is awful to not be able to get out and about! Love the blanket squares, they are so pretty - the star fish is really lovely and the cable square looks like it might have been fun to do!

  2. I decided to go with making squares individually rather than together as you have done - mainly because I could not get my head around the instructions for knitting them together. I'm blocking mine out to 6.5 inches as that's what they want to be for me. Did you finish the first month's lot? I know what you mean about them being challenging - but then I guess like me, that means you don't get bored. Keep 'em coming :)