Tuesday, 16 February 2010

my son in law

Do you like these flowers that my son in law brought me at the weekend?He needed to come over to our house because he wanted Emily and Ruby to paint pots in town for Sarah's birthday.This ,of course, included staying for lunch!

We are a lttle worried about Mike at the moment.When he was 15 he had a benign brain tumour which was successfully removed.Two years ago they discovered he had another tumour-this time in a different place-attached to his corotid nerve/artery.Sarah confided in me last week that she was worried because he was mixing words up and appeared to be a little deaf.he has a hospital appointment in april but won't bring it forward.He seemed fine to us on Saturday so let's hope his symptoms are just tiredness or a cold.


  1. Bless him I do hope he's OK.

    How are you getting on with your DA squares? I finally remembered to read her blog and she said to block them out to 6 inches square. Mine are coming up closer to 7 so that's what I'll block them at. I did find that the pink lacy one ended too short, or so it seemed to me, so I made a decision to carry on with the spare beads for a couple more pattern repeats so that I can get it to block out correctly. HAve you had your second pack yet? I think it's so exciting. I love getting these packs and not knowing what's in them.

  2. Oh! I just found you on Ravelry - I've added you as a friend! You popped up in one of the Violet Green threads I was reading! Sorry to hear about your SIL, that does sound worrying, hopefully all will be well at his check up.