Wednesday, 10 March 2010

sunny days

Don't you feel so much better when the sun shines.We had a visit to Anglesey last Saturday.We have toyed for years with the idea of buying a static caravan.Initially we thought in France but what with the euro and the distance from Dover that we are we gave up on that idea.So, on Saturday we went to view some on Anglesey.It is only one hour from here and has much better weather.No pesky mountains in the way!The first two we viewed were awful.We then visited another site just outside Beaumaris.He had two for sale and one was a bargain but he wasn't absolutely certain the owner had finally decided to sell.He said he would get in touch with us but we havn't heard a word yet. The sun was shining and the view across the Menai Straits to a snow covered Snowdon was amazing.I tried to take photos but they were very dark.
I have just about recovered from my dreadful cold but C has had it as well.

We have had a lovely day today.S came across with Ruby and we all had our hair cut .Mind you we needed a sleep when they had gone.This cold has dipped our energy levels.

Football on the TV tonight so I shall have a crafting evening.Maybe start a bead bracelet kit I bought on e bay or my Debbie Abrahams blanket squares( I just can't get into them this month) or make some teeny tiny animals from Little Cotton Rabbits site.My granddaughters want one for each of their dollies but they are so fiddly.The things you do for love!!


  1. Kids make me want to sleep whether I'm ill or not :) I've finished February's squares and they are now blocked and stashed. I want to start on March's shortly but I am trying to get Alex's dinosaur jacket finished and felted for the weekend - she says with everything crossed

  2. That cold was vile - it took me weeks to feel better but I must admit the sunshine helped enormously!

    I knitted some of the LCR egg cosies last Easter and loved them, the smaller animals are much more fiddly but I would love to see them when you have finished please.

  3. I hope you get your caravan - we bought our first tourer about twenty years ago and it was the best money we ever spent. We just love getting away from it all - we've been all over this country -the Lake District being our favourite destination - and we have long summer holidays in the South of France every year. Our children had a whale of a time when they were little - and we weathered out the 'teenage-do I-have-to-come?' years - now it's just the two of us. Can't wait until our first outing over Easter.
    Fingers crossed foryou! Love Kathy xxx