Wednesday, 3 March 2010

how cute is this?

As I said yesterday we were looking after Ruby(2) today.It was up at 7a.m and a 45 minute drive to Northwich.I was glad we didn't stay overnight because this young lady had been up since 5.15am!Emily was taken to school ,alittle upset that little sister was spending the day with us.We had a great day and I walked miles with my new knee and also feeling fully recovered from my cold.
Ruby loves her dollies.Above she has sat her "babies " on the bottom step and was "reading" them stories,showing them the picture etc and letting each one choose a book.She played like this for over half an hour.She is a real chatterbox and just never stops talking.Her favourite phrase today was " in a minute".
Halfway through the morning I had a text from a friend to say that the little wool shop in our market hall is closing on Saturday and everything was half price and I was in Northwich!I shall go in the morning but the best stuff will have gone.
I am now feeling absolutely shattered but in a lovely way.I shall soon get my second wind and get going on my squares and have a glass of cold white wine.


  1. She's so sweet. Glad to see she's reading already!!! Don't you just love the way little ones copy things to make sense of the world?
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Once upon a time - I had a lovely little girl like that and how time flies! The ultimate lesson in enjoy it while you can. I must admit though it was very hard work, that glass of wine was well earned.

  3. Found you via Jane Brocket's site... such a sweet little girl, lovely to see her with a book. How lucky you are to be able to have a hand in shaping how she turns out....