Monday, 11 October 2010

Do you collect anything?

Owls are the first thing I started collecting 40 years ago(I had 2 photos and I have loaded the wonky one!).OK there is a dog in there but that has a special family meaning.I will show you some more tomorrow that have aspecial meaning.
I also have a small collection of Wedgwood Limited Edition Clarice Cliff plates.I love these.I have them on a wall at the end of the hall and you see them as you come in through the front door.

My grandfather was a carpenter and also a woodwork teacher and he made a bureau cum display cabinet for a competition which he won.My stepmother didn't want it in the house anymore so we stored it in a shed for a while.My brother was a Methodist minister and lived in fairly large houses so he had it for a number of years.Then he retired so back it came to me.We really havn't space for it so it stands in a corridor at the back of the house by the utility room but at least it has a home.
I decided to try and find the Midwinter pottery we had when we first got married and this is it.

I then bought this one(all off e bay).This is the crockery that my brother and his late wife had when they got married.

Then I bought this set because it was the one that my best friend at the time had.

I bought this because I liked it.
I must hunt out some more.There is still room in the cabinet!


  1. That's a fine collection of owls! I love Clarice Cliffe pottery but I haven't got any pieces. I used to collect miniature houses from places we had visited, but I got fed up looking at them, so I've only got a few out on show now!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. You have some wonderful collections! I have a few cat ornaments - Staffordshire cats on the mantlepiece etc. The only thing I really collect is theatre programmes - but I only save the ones I buy from the performances I've seen. I have them from 1966 to now - quite a box full:)

  3. I used to collect seals and lighthouses but ran out of space to keep everything! It would seem I now collect yarn and mugs - current favourite is Emma Bridgewater (her factory is in the potteries and I try to pop in when I can)!

  4. I love midwinter pottery - I bought a great little set in our local charity shop recently. Your collections are lovely.