Thursday, 21 October 2010

A few days in France

A 90 minute flight from Liverpool took us to Nimes in Provence.We hired a car while we were there so we get out and about.The first place we visited was the Pont du Gard.It is an amazing feat of Roman building taking water from Uzes to Nimes.
Then it was off to Avignon to see the famous bridge of "sur le pont Avignon".

Also les Palais du Papes.

We managed a trip to Arles and then into the Camargue and actually did spot some flamingoes but they were rather a long way away!

These are les Jardins de la Fontaine in Nimes where we had a hotel.

The arena/amphitheatre in Nimes.

We had a lovely time.It was very sunny but the Mistral was blowing so out of the sun it was cold.Find a sheltered place and it was lovely to feel warm sun on your face.
Our only problem was the French strikes.We encountered demonstration/marches in Avignon and Nimes but the worst worry was whether we would get back.There were no flights on Tuesday and so had the worry that if our flight was cancelled on Wednesday how would we get back with no petrol/no trains etc.Thankfully our flight was ok.We were an hour late but I have never been so excited about seeing a Ryanair plane.The flights only cost us £75 for two return including everything.
So we are back and off again on Sunday to Cambridge .


  1. Wow that looked lovely. How exciting to see flamingos in the wild - I have only ever seen them at the zoo! It is great to have sun even if it is not hot but you could have done without the strike worry I am sure. Have fun with the grandchildren next week!

    PS your email is bouncing back have you changed it or is the in box full? Sx

  2. How I love France - thanks for taking me. I dont blame the French for wanting to hold on to age 60 for retirement - there is a life to be lived before you get too old and the french know how to live it! Love your photos

  3. How I love France - when there are no strikes on that is. It looks lovely - sunshine always makes you feel good, even when it's cold I think. I have the same question about your e-mail - I'm trying to organise Christmas swap - can you send me a message if you're still in?