Friday, 29 October 2010

How to lose 3lbs in 4 days!

Four days in Cambridge looking after the grandchildren!We had to try and think of things to do that would interest a 4yr old ,a 7yr old and an 11 yr old.
Fun at the farm.We went pumkin carving.I have never done this before and it is really difficult.They also had lots of other activities.

Go karts.They also had a "Shriek Shed".I thought I had better try this first and it really was quite scary.It was pitch black.I only got round by holding onto the coat of the lady in front of me.There were daggling things,noisy things etc.Only Ella and Grandpa went in.I thought it might give the boys nightmares!

Another day we went Ten Pin Bowling which they could all do.That was great fun.

We also went to Wicken Fen(NT).They have a boardwalk there which is about a mile all round.They had organised a "Who killed Mucky Mole" trail which was good.

We had the usual walk into Cambridge and Ella chose to go to Starbucks.Poor Fin had a rugby school day and it poured down all day.

We had many visits to the park and games of football and played so many board games.I taught Ella how to crochet.very difficult as I am left handed and she is right handed.

We got back last night at 9pm absolutely shattered.The children had behaved well for us.(better than for their parents where they get away with murder!).We laid out the rules at the start-no fighting, no arguing etc.We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it but it is the non stop all day which we are not used to.We are busy at home but at least can take a lunch hour.

We rest this weekend and then have Ruby and Emily all day Monday.We have never before done such a stint of child minding.Enjoyable but tiring.


  1. Oh my goodness what a tiring week! I've almost forgotten how we used to have to entertain the children at half term ... so much easier when they've grown up ... we're not ready for the next stage yet ... hopefully a good few years to go before grandchildren. I'm sure you all had a lovely time!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. You have been energetic!! It all sounds and looks like great fun. xxx