Wednesday, 13 October 2010

owls again

I told you I would show you my favourite owls.Here they are!Bet you didn't think they would look like this.When Sarah was about 6 my in laws took her and Matt to some church event to give us a bit of a break.We gave them some money to spend and S knowing my love of owls spotted this salt and pepper set.My MIL was mortified because one had an eye missing.I was so touched and have treasured them ever since Yesterday in a garden centre S was looking for something to put on the top of a sweet jar for something at Emily's school.We spotted a Xmas pudding,crocheted, for £6.99.I told her not to buy it I would have a go at making one and this is one I made, making it up as I went along.It stands about 4 inches tall and I feel pretty pleased with it.

Bitten then by the Xmas bug I made this little snowman.
I did promise to show some more owls but the ones I wanted to photo are in the garden and it's gone dark.
I,finally, got signed off from the clinic today 5 weeks after my abscess op.On Friday we are off to Nimes for 5 days.Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong although we are aware the French are striking at the moment over the raising of the retirement age.We may get stuck in France!!


  1. As long as you get there, it doesn't matter if you can't get home! Glad to hear all is well with you. I'm off to Turkey tomorrow with my daughter - so I hope we all have a good break, Lord knows we deserve it this year!
    Love your Christmas pudding, I've been dabbling witha bit of Christmas knitting too. I've made a Santa tea cosy, and I've nearly finished a snowman cosy.
    Look forward to your photos of Nimes! Speak to you when I get back.
    Love Kathy xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely holiday - love the christmas pudding:)