Monday, 17 January 2011

My birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and it was a really special day.C and I went out for a meal on Saturday night which was lovely.Sunday we were invited to our daughter's for tea.
It was bad day weatherwise with torrential rain so no out door activities were possible.I have a new hobby which is collecting vintage postcards,birthday cards,xmas cards etc.I mainly buy on the internet but decided a visit to some antique emporia might be a good idea.Before that we went to Bridgemere garden centre.Can you believe how busy a garden centre can be in January!!Lunch there and then onto Dagfields.It was still pouring down but we dashed from building to building and I managed to buy some postcards.
Then it was off to Sarah's where the little girls were dressed in their party frocks.We played games,had pass the parcel,lots of balloons and of course the dancing.We always have to have dancing!!Party food followed and then......

here comes the cake

Emily had chosen a Tinkerbell cake.I had a lovely time and S had gone to so much trouble.I had lots of presents as well.21 cards including one in Russian from a penfriend in Novosibirsk.

This was my present from our son and family in Cambridge.A Cath Kidston knitting bag.They phoned and sang Happy Birthday.

This a jewellery wrap that Sarah bought me which is so "Cath Kidston" but she bought it in the Cancer Research shop.A whole range they are selling.Must look out for them.

This was one my presents from C.I have already started one of the patterns.
I really count myself lucky and blessed to have such a loving and caring family who gave me a great day.


  1. Firstly Happy Birthday for yesterday! Secondly you must have been so close to my house - you may have even driven through the village? Bridgemere is very popular as a day out especially at the weekend, I try to go during the week if I need things or want to take my time. I am glad you had a lovely day, next time you have a trip to Bridgemere give me a shout and say hi. Sxx

  2. Happy belated Birthday wishes! Sounds like you had a lovely day despite the weather.

  3. Ooh! Happy Birthday! What lovely presents you got - I am envious of the sock book and I've looked at those Cath Kidston knitting bags myself before now. Glad you had a lovely day inspite of the weather.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Looks like you had a lovely day and some great presents. We often pop to Bridgemere from here and occasionally Dagfields - I love wandering around all those big sheds of antiques and bric-a-brac as well as the book shop.