Sunday, 23 January 2011

My new toy!

I have treated myself to an exercise bike.I have had trouble with my back over the last few weeks so Iwent to see a physio.She diagnosed an injury to a ligament in my lower back which she thought was caused by me favouring my better knee over the other one.I need to build the muscles up and hate just doing exercises so I thought a bike might be the answer.I have had two replacement knees in the past two years and had my check up at the hospital last Thursday.I am their star patient.They are amazed at the range of movement I have and my walking is great but only when it isn't slippy underfoot.I take my book on the bike and cycle away.A couple of chapters and I have done three kilometres and burned some calories,not many ,but a few.

I am doing two blanket clubs at the moment,one crochet and one knitting.This is keeping me busy but I am learning so much.I will put some photos on here when the light is better and I can show you my progress.
Yesterday my daughter came over in the morning with Emily and they went ,with C,to Theatr Clwyd to see "Mole in a Hole".(I had to pass because of my back).The company is called Oily Cart and is based in London.It was done in the smaller of the two theatres .In the performing area they had erected a yurt(the mole hole) in one half and limited the audience to 50.All three of them came home amazed at the experience.It was advertised for 3-6 yr olds.Emily is 5.There were snails trails,waterfall,puppets and lots of interaction.It has been here for 10 days and was fully sold out.We booked tickets in September.If it comes to your area find a 5 yr old and have a great experience.I just hope it isn't one of those subsidised companies that it is going to lose out with budget cuts.They are based in Wandsworth and do lots of work with severely disabled and autistic children as well as their touring productions.
The afternoon saw our SIL and Ruby joining us .We all had a walk at our favourite Loggerheads followed by hot chocolate in the cafe.
I think it is time for a chapter or two of Trespass by Rose Tremain and a cycle on the bike.


  1. One of these days our paths will cross and we will bump into each other in the real world! We seem to visit so many of the same places!
    reading on your bike seems an ideal way to pass the time!

  2. Great idea to read on the bike - you could listen to a talking book too! The 'Mole in a Hole' experience sounds wonderful:)