Saturday, 29 January 2011

The pier is such a sad sight

We woke up to cloudy skies but the forecast suggested if we went west it would be better so a trip to Colwyn Bay was on the cards.Blue skies when we got there but very,very cold!This is looking over to Rhos on Sea
The pier is such a sad sight.It opened in 1900 and at one time had a theatre seating 600 on there.Over the years it has had several fires,various owners and is just derelict at the moment.Its current owner has been declared bankrupt.However I have just been reading on the internet that a group with the help of the local council are hoping to restore it.They are hoping for lottery funding amonst other things.That would be so good.I came home feeling really sad about it but now feel more optimistic.

Can you spot the oystercatcher?There were loads on the beach but too far away.

In my last post I was saying about having a review printed.This morning's post brought me a novel to review by 15thFeb.It is not in paperback format but on A4 spirally bound,not the easiest to read on my exercise bike(my knees are sooooo much better).I have to read Sister for my W&H reading group by 11th Feb.Today's by the 15th and Half of a Yellow Sun for my U3A reading group on the 20th.Don't know how I am going to do it.


  1. I spent many a happy day in Colwyn Bay when I was a child. I loved Eirias Park best of all. My dad's family moved to Llandudno during the war and he went to boarding school in Rhos on Sea, when they all moved back to Liverpool. We spent all our summers in Llandudno when we were little, and we travelled all over that coastline. What a sad state the pier is in ...
    such a shame!

  2. Just caught your comment about the scavenger hunt ... just show what you've got. Someone else has put 6 photos on the Flickr group. It doesn't matter ... it's just a bit of fun.
    Thanks for asking about school ... I must admit it's been much harder than I expected but I think I'm over the worst now, and January is already gone!!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. I do hope money is found to refurbish the pier. Piers are wonderful places of social and local history and it is such a shame if they are left to decay. Love the oyster catcher:)

  4. I'm going to add reading as a resolution for my happiness project, I have plenty of time to do it, just not much motivation!