Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Barbara has a little cat.........

Barbara has a little cat
It's paws as white as snow
And everywhere that Barbara went
The cat was sure to go
I think ,he thinks I am his mum!C has been out walking this morning so I was in the house on my own.Ziggy has just followed me everywhere.Every time I sat down he was on my knee.Every time I moved rooms he was there with me.He is like this all the time.We kept him inside until he was neutered and microchipped but now he won't go out!!

He sits on the mat and looks out but unless we actually put him out he doesn't move.If we put him out he cries to come back in.He still uses his litter tray and doesn't seem to know he can have a wee outside!He is absolutely gorgeous but is getting to be a bit of a pain.Any suggestions?


  1. I've never had a cat, but it seems that if he had a wee spot outside he might be tempted to use it. Put it a bit further out of the house each time and maybe then... Personally as a bird watcher I appreciate neighbors who keep their cats indoors.

  2. I agree with Terri. People with cats here are encouraged to keep them inside to safe guard the wild life particularly the birds. Also for their own safety re cars.
    If you move his litter tray outside when you put him out he might feel more at home .... but don't forget to bring it back inside with him !!!

  3. My younger cat, Abby follows me around the house. I let her and my old cat go outside for about 15 minutes daily except on bitterly cold days.
    My cats even want to follow me into the bathroom - reminds me of when my two-year old daughter couldn't stand me to be out of her sight. I remember how nice it was to take a bath when she got older and didn't have to be my shadow.

  4. I think the litter tray outside sounds like a good idea but if that doesn't work maybe you will have to accept that you have a house cat - I think that some cats prefer to just be indoors especially in this weather, perhaps when the summer arrives he will feel more like going outside especially when the gardening season starts and you are out there doing things. The weather here today is grotty so I don't want to go outside either if that helps? Sx

  5. He looks such a sweetheart! One of our cats follows me round and both watch for me to sit down so they can have a lap. Perhaps when summer comes and you work and sit outside he will follow and start to explore a little more:)

  6. He is gorgeous! Our cat Flo doesn't like going outside either. I think she is always going to use a litter tray! Sigh! Thanks for the nice comments about my scarf. It's called Motheye and you can find it here:

  7. I have 3 cats and the youngest is definitely a self-imposed house cat. The other 2 go out a lot but Tizer just doesn't want to bother even if the door is open all day. He will come out with me whilst I hang out the washing but is straight back in. And he follows me about too :-)

  8. Oh bless him! We couldn't keep our lovely Jess in as she loved adventuring outdoors but Bobbi is quite reluctant to go outside, especially in this really wet weather. We always have a litter tray inside and the cat flap is always locked overnight. I'm sure Ziggy will be more amenable to the outside when the warmer weather arrives. Bobbi always likes to be with me so naturally follows me outside when I'm working in the garden.