Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.We went over to Northwich to our daughter's and after a delicious roast beef dinner it was time for the Easter egg hunt.(When will Emily have front teeth again?!!!!)Inside,with the central heating on,lovely party dresses but outside it was cold.
That's better.Cardies and coats on and all the eggs collected and shared.Great fun.After charades and other games we went to Blakemere Craft Centre.A super day enjoyed by all with lots of laughter and fun.


  1. Your granddaughters look so cute with their bunny ears and lovely dresses.
    Sounds like you have had a good day. The weather is quite cold here too. Oh roll on the summer!!!

  2. It's chilly here in CA, too.
    I'm so envious that you got to spend Easter with your grandgirls! They are really cute, and enjoying the day. Thanks for sharing the pictures and smiles!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time. Hope your little grand daughter gets those teeth soon!!They ( the girls )are such a lovely age aren't they?
    My cousin who lives near you says went for a drive yesterday and says there is lots of snow on the mountains Keep warm.

  4. Happy Easter - glad you were able to have easter egg hunt - ours went squiffy because it was raining so hard !!! Never mind

  5. Lovely pics and memories - thanks for sharing!

  6. A lovely easter! I remember the toothless stage, I also remember how different they look when the big ones grow through! Happy easter Barbara!
    Jess xx

  7. I missed my grandkids at Easter this year. Will have to wait until next year. Ears and kiddies are very cute.