Thursday, 12 May 2016

A couple of finished projecs and the start of new ones.

 These are my latest socks.Self striping yarn is so good.
 Yet another shawl and it is huge.I just kept going and going.Now what next.I don't need any more socks or shawls so decided I would reduce my huge stash by making a blanket for charity.
 My woolis being stored in the bag which I made for my daughter's birthday and then decided it wasn't really her.It is an Attic 24 kit.Quite snazzy I think.
It is such a shame the colours don't show true.Which charity it will go to I don't yet know.

I had intended to show you some pictures of the garden but my netbook froze so they will be for another day.

We are off to Menorca on Sunday for a week.A little bit nervous with my IBS problems.Fingers crossed I am OK.


  1. Looked up Menorca and it looks great so hope all will be good for you. Have a wonderful time.

  2. I adore everything about this post. it's basically my life. me time = best

  3. I had a lovely holiday in Menorca many years ago. I even considered making it an annual tradition, but my family prefer variety.

  4. I have had many lovely holidays on Menorca, much quieter than it's exuberant neighbours and very pretty. I am going to learn to make socks, there are so many gorgeous ones out there.

  5. Love the bag you use to store all your materials. Hope you have a wonderful time away:)

  6. I really like the bag too that you store your stash in.
    Have a lovely holiday!

  7. My goodness you have been busy making beautiful things. The basket is fun but the shawl is incredible. I just love it.