Saturday, 23 March 2019

A few busy days.

Thursday was my Reading Group.We now only have 6 in the group.On Thursday there only four of us and two hadn't read the book.It was a book of short stories called Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.The co-ordinator in whose house we meet had not read even one story but she had found some questions from a website called Reading Group Guides.I came home exhausted when there are only two of you answering the questions.We need new members.
Friday was a very busy day.It started at 10.00am with my weekly catch up with my best friend over a cup of tea and a teacake in a local cafe.12.15 it was lunch out.Some very close friends of ours sold their house here and decided to move near their daughter who lives in Royston near Cambridge.They are living with her at the moment because houses down there are double the price they got for theirs up here but can't find anything.They were up for a few days and so we were lunching.C then went off to band practice for two hours until 5pmand then it was back to the theatre for 7pm to see Ronnie Scott's All Stars,the story of Ronnie Scott's jazz club
.There were films clips and a commentary but four great musicians and a singer playing live.A pianist,double bass,saxophone and drums and they were brilliant.We went with the friends who were visiting and another friend who always comes with us.Drink in the bar afterwards and then home.
This morning we had coffee with the visiting friends and two other couples.We all used to go out for meals together.A bit of a breather this afternoon and then back to the Film Theatre to see The Green Book.An excellent film.Catch it if you can.
Nothing on the agenda tomorrow.Thank goodness,just the usual Sunday cleaning.


  1. You have been busy! All sounds lovely, apart from the book club.

  2. Houses down here in the South are as you say, very expensive. I look agog at some of the lovely houses that are to be had up North for the price of a small flat down here.

  3. My goodness you have been very busy! Best of luck to your friends that are moving, not an easy thing to do at any age.

  4. hope, everything goes well with you.
    have a great day

  5. Quite a busy time you're having! We saw the Joni Mitchell film celebrating her 75th birthday in the cinema which was a televised music concert of her friends singing her songs. None of it was live but I do love to see live music, I really must go and see some. Have a great week! x

  6. That was a busy few days. Daniel's living down south due to work but there's no way he can afford to buy a house down there, it's bad enough for first time buyers to get on the property ladder up north with the price of houses these days.

  7. Well hi there Busy! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.. What did you have to do for verification? I've noticed on a few other blogs i've had to do a 'picture thing'... I'd love to know. Thanks! deb
    PS you can reach me at jinxxxygirl at yahoo dot com

  8. That book club experience would have annoyed me. When I worked in a library, the most inexperienced Saturday staff were allocated to host the book club meetings. They had about one hour's notice and absolutely no chance to read the book. Crazy. I managed to avoid that ever happening to me.