Friday, 6 March 2020

Three interesting talks.

On Monday it was U 3 A Social History and the talk was by the Tallest Town Crier in the world.He is town crier for Shrewsbury(about an hour away) and is seven foot two inches tall.!!!! He told us how he got the job,about his regalia and his bell and of course we had a demonstration.It was really interesting and he was a good speaker.Informative and funny.150 attend this group
Yesterday was U3A AGM followed by music from a violinist.Philip Chiddell was educated at Chethams Music School in Manchester.He began studying the violin aged 6 and plays a violin made in 1750.He plays in concerts and also busks.What an inspirational young man and his playing was amazing.
Today we have been to the Gardening Group for a talk on The Gardens of Singapore.Again interesting.
Tonight we are at the theatre to see The Kite Runner.

Just reading through the above and spellchecker had replaced busks with buses.No he doesn't play on buses.Made me chuckle.


  1. See where the Busy comes from!

  2. Three interesting subjects. I think it's good when groups get guest speakers on lots of different topics which you wouldn't otherwise hear about.

  3. Sounds like life is good !

  4. Interesting times you are having with the U3A

  5.'ve been busy. Glad you're finding such interesting things to do and see. I don't tend to do much when we're here in town; but find I do when we travel...not sure why I don't here.

  6. So nice to meet somebody who doesn't do chocolate. People look at me as though I have 2 heads when I say I dont like it! Came here via Pat (Weaver) haven't blogged for a while but now feel the urge - something to do - something beneficial!